Competitive Sports Leagues during COVID – How Will Sports Change?

If someone would have told us the real impact of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, we probably wouldn’t believe it, but now the repercussions of this disease are very clear. Talking strictly about sports, the consequences have been abysmal because there’s a higher risk of spreading the virus in crowds.

Although the risks from COVID are still quite significant, many sports institutions have decided to begin their events, but the results have not been very promising. Since the only thing left to do is to predict what will happen, many experts have given their opinions on this topic and some believe that there is a positive and negative side to this.

For example, in some events like the Olympics that are mass spectator events, it’s not so hard to realize that social distancing will greatly reduce the impact of it. While there are events that can survive without big crowds, other events depend on the crowds.

Competitive Sports Leagues during COVID How Will Sports Change 1 - Competitive Sports Leagues during COVID - How Will Sports Change?

Olympics fading because of the virus means more than losing a global event because some amateur athletes see the start of their careers in this event. If this opportunity is taken out of their hands, the institution will lose a great portion of its members and a lot of moneyin the process.

If we put the attention on the risks of the athletes, there are many different opinions and limitations. For example, if we talk about the NFL, we have to remember that their players have a size and weight that makes them more vulnerable to the disease. That excludes a big portion of their teams, but the sport can’t work without the big defenders.

A larger portion of the workforce of an American football team depends on large players but knowing that players with a body mass index over 30 are in the risk-group for COVID. If the associations want to keep doing the events, they’ll have to rely on players with less body mass, but this will not work at all, leading to the cancelation of the games.

It’s a real challenge to predict the outcomes and impacts of this disease in sports because it is an unknown virus and the terms of its change significantly every day. We can assure you that some sports like tennis and auto-racing may suffer less because social distancing is not a big problem among athletes.

Currently, the fans’ experience is limited to TV and online sport streaming services because those large stadiums filled with screaming fans are no longer a possibility. Even though this has caused terrible losses to the sports business, there isstill a scenario in which the big audiences can see their favorite athletes.

While the future of sports is still unknown, we can assure you that the large industries are putting all their efforts into regaining some of the normal aspects in all the fields possible, but the results are something that no one can predict.