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With your donation, City on the Side will be able to grow the website and thus make everything related to sports leagues in the USA be known by more people.

We will be able to hire better web hosting services so that more people from anywhere in the world can connect to our website without problems. We will pay for the professional services of a web designer and a graphic designer so that the website will be more attractive and catch your attention.

With your donation, we will be able to buy a better video camera to record the best interviews of the players of the different sports leagues. With your messages, we will be able to inspire sports fans and young athletes around the world to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. Sport is a lifestyle that promotes healthy living, teaches you to lose and respect others.

There is no doubt that this is something we need to encourage in children, today more than ever.

We will be so grateful to you that you will automatically be part of the most valuable part of our community. We will send you a special gift and you will be a VIP guest at all our events.

If you wish to donate, please go to our contact page. There you can see our addresses and write to us.